Yellow Globelet Snail

I have not seen a terrestrial (land) snail since I was a kid. We used to call them wood snails. I picked up a board off the ground at my daughter’s home in Arkansas and discovered a Yellow Globelet Snail (Mesodon clausus) on the underside of the wood. The snail was crawling on the board. I placed the snail on a leaf so he/she (most land snails are hemaphrodites) could be seen more easily in the photo. Many snail species are endangered with lots of possible causes which need more study: loss of habitat, pesticides, herbicides, other invasive species, and even salt that we put on the roads during snow/ice storms. I turned this snail over on his back and watched as he/she quickly flipped themselves over.


Yellow Globelet Snail


Big Pencil

I saw this at a rest area on I-80 in Iowa.


Does your dog need a bath? Or possibly a new tail?

Turkey Attack

I was taking my son to a dental appointment when we saw two wild turkeys in a parking lot in the middle of the city. When I stopped the car they ran to us, circled the car and pecked at it (probably seeing their reflections)

The Candler Oak

A live oak is a species of oak that keeps it’s leaves during the winter months. The live oak pictured is the famous Candler Oak in Savannah, Georgia which was planted in the 1700s.

Helen Terry Marshall, A Christmas Connection

My mother-in-law was de-cluttering her house some years ago and gave me this painting which I thought was fun. More recently, I tried to read the signature and find out more about the artist. I knew the artist was from Little Rock, Arkansas. I found out that the painter was Helen Terry Marshall who died at age 98 in 2007. I could not find other examples of her art on the internet, but one interesting fact (here comes the Christmas connection): her son, Fred Calvin Marshall was a jazz musician in the Vince Guaraldi trio and played the bass in the original soundtrack of A Charlie Brown Christmas which aired on PBS a few nights ago.