Miniature Petrified Barn

This tiny barn is made of petrified wood and is on display at the Petrified Wood Museum.

Llewellyn Spaniel

I met this guy at Hobby Lobby. I realized I had never seen this breed of dog before.

Fall Officially Here

I walked the dog this morning and all the trees in the park were dropping leaves at a constant, steady rate. Never seen leaves fall like this before.

Latte Art

This latte art was created by Kevin at Barista’s Daily Grind in Kearney, Nebraska. It would be fun to create a similar type of art for hot chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows, and chocolate/caramel/strawberry syrup. 

Newfoundland Dogs

These two beautiful dogs waited outside patiently for their master at a coffee shop in Keystone Ski Village, Colorado.

Petrified Turtles

Photo taken at the Petrified Wood Museum in Ogallala Nebraska.

Alien Water Tower

This water tower is in Ogallala, Nebraska.

Fungus Schmungus #1

Mushrooms fascinate me. I found these odd fellows growing in my flower beds. These are called stinkworts, and they do stink. When I dig in the wood mulch, I find white strings which are fungus mycelia. There is a more technical discussion of “fun guys” in garden mulch here.