Popcorn Balls

Happy Halloween! Popcorn balls became popular in the 1950s when people handed out homemade goodies to kids for trick-or-treat. Below are pictures of the cooking steps. Here is the recipe my family uses(it is tripled in the pictures below): POPCORN BALLS 8 cups popped corn 2/3 cup white sugar 2/3 cup white Karo syrup 1/2… Read more »

Highway Rider

I was going down  I-40 in Arkansas when a mechanical bull passed me.

Fungus Schmungus #6

I found three very colorful mushrooms. The violet ones are Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucicum) and are also known as Lingzhi, Divine Mushroom, and “Mushroom of Immortality.” Reishi mushrooms are used in medicinal teas. I could not correctly indentify the green mushrooms or the odd bright yellow mushroom. The yellow mushroom was growing out of a… Read more »

Chameleon Changing Colors

Last summer, my family visited the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Aventure. This chameleon was green and blue when we arrived. He s-l-o-w-l-y followed my son from one side of his aquarium to the other. My son, Cole, wore a magenta shirt with a wild pattern. As the chameleon followed around the enclosure, he changed colors… Read more »

Cassette Tape Art by Erika Simmons

I love art made from recycled materials. Erika Simmons makes portraits of famous people from old audio cassette tapes and video cassette tapes. She calls her project “Ghosts in the Machine.” I saw this picture of singer Lauryn Hill at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum in Branson, MO. Erika has a website which… Read more »

Turkey Attack

I was taking my son to a dental appointment when we saw two wild turkeys in a parking lot in the middle of the city. When I stopped the car they ran to us, circled the car and pecked at it (probably seeing their reflections)

Bottle Feeding Calves

I was “down on the farm” last week and got to bottle-feed two orphan calves, Lightning and Thunder. Lightning’s mother was hit by lightning out in the field. Thunder was his mom’s first calf and she refused to feed him.