I am a pre-published author with three current middle grade novel manuscripts I’m excited for the day when kids get to meet my book heroes.

Crayola, The Bonekeeper, in “Serpentine and Bones”

When ten-year-old Crayola is abandoned by her father on the steps of The Eureka Institute she becomes their “bonekeeper,” but when the healing bones of Saint Juan Diego are stolen, she runs away with her dog, Blue, and enlists a carnival boy named Vermont in her quest to find the bones. Crayola may not be looking for it, but she is about to find her forever home…with or without the help of Juan Diego.

Addie Satterfield, Friend to Animals, in “Toad Suck Magic”

No one pays attention to Toad Suck, Arkansas, because people think nothing magic could ever happen there. But when twelve-year-old Addie Satterfield brings a weird pigeon to the veterinarian, magic starts to hum, leading Addie and three misfit friends on a secret summer project that will change them all—and save the weird pigeon from extinction.

Rudy Weatherwax, Dog-Walker, in “Ghosts of the Pedigree Dog-tel”

Life is not always puppies and kittens for ten-year-old Rudy, dog-walker of the rich and famous. Rudy lives on an exclusive island where his parents manage The Pedigree Dog-tel. Rudy understands dogspeak, one of his many talents that are not appreciated by his parents. HOTEL FOR DOGS meets SCOOBY DOO when a mysterious stowaway arrives on the island and Rudy’s typical belly-rub days are complicated by missing dogs, treasure, and a haunted room.