September 2023

Fungus Schmungus #7

Another mushroom discovered on my dog walk. The scientific name of this one is Coprinus comatus (coprinus means “of dung” and comatus means “hairy”). This mushroom is also known as the “shaggy inky cap.” It is edible in the “shaggy” white phase, but within 24 hours it digests itself and becomes the inedible “inky” stage…. Read more »


I had lunch at The Barbie Cafe in Chicago. It was fun…and overwhelmingly pink.


I went to the WNDR Museum in Chicago with my friends, Gina and Ellen. The museum website describes it as the “intersection of art and technology.” The exhibits were super fun and creative. I posted videos on two of the exhibits: and Below is my friends and I in one of the exhibits. Under… Read more »


When I was a kid I watched a movie at the theater called “The Legend of Boggy Creek” which scared me half to death. Years later, I showed it to my kids on Halloween, but it didn’t frighten them.  The movie is about the “Fouke Monster” which is a Big Foot or Sasquatch that has… Read more »