Luna Moth Cocoon and Pupae

I found a large cocoon lying on the ground which I later identified as a luna moth cocoon. I kept it for a few months but nothing hatched. I opened it with scissors. The cocoon was made of fibers/silk. Inside was a pupae that had died.

Yellow Globelet Snail

I have not seen a terrestrial (land) snail since I was a kid. We used to call them wood snails. I picked up a board off the ground at my daughter’s home in Arkansas and discovered a Yellow Globelet Snail (Mesodon clausus) on the underside of the wood. The snail was crawling on the board. I placed the snail on a leaf so he/she (most land snails are hemaphrodites) could be seen more easily in the photo. Many snail species are endangered with lots of possible causes which need more study: loss of habitat, pesticides, herbicides, other invasive species, and even salt that we put on the roads during snow/ice storms. I turned this snail over on his back and watched as he/she quickly flipped themselves over.


Yellow Globelet Snail


Big Pencil

I saw this at a rest area on I-80 in Iowa.


Does your dog need a bath? Or possibly a new tail?

Turkey Attack

I was taking my son to a dental appointment when we saw two wild turkeys in a parking lot in the middle of the city. When I stopped the car they ran to us, circled the car and pecked at it (probably seeing their reflections)

The Candler Oak

A live oak is a species of oak that keeps it’s leaves during the winter months. The live oak pictured is the famous Candler Oak in Savannah, Georgia which was planted in the 1700s.