November 2021

Petrified Turtles

Photo taken at the Petrified Wood Museum in Ogallala Nebraska.

Alien Water Tower

This water tower is in Ogallala, Nebraska.

Fungus Schmungus #1

Mushrooms fascinate me. I found these odd fellows growing in my flower beds. These are called stinkworts, and they do stink. When I dig in the wood mulch, I find white strings which are fungus mycelia. There is a more technical discussion of “fun guys” in garden mulch here.

Droids for Sale

Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina is one of my favorite picture books and Star Wars is one of my favorite movies so I love this mashup art titled Droids for Sale by Jayme Brandt. Click here for more of Jayme’s book art.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Soap Mystery Solved!

When I was a kid, I had a bar of Fuzzy Wuzzy soap, a soap that grows hair (yeah, no kidding). There is a good blogpost by Randy Blazenhoff. Randy’s blog includes a video of the Fuzzy Wuzzy commercial which hooked my mom into buying the soap. After the soap is all used up with… Read more »

Too Much Luck

All my life I have looked for four-leaf clovers and never found any until recently. Now I find them all the time, and in different areas of the town I live in. Today I found two four-leaf clovers and three five-leaf clovers. What is going on? Four-leaf clovers are supposed to be one out of… Read more »

Books Versus Computers, Episode 1

My son, Levi, found this print called The Stacks in the attic sale room of an art store. Levi grew up with computers and is a computer programmer. I grew up without computers and am a huge book lover. I enjoy this piece of art because I like to compare and contrast books versus computers…. Read more »